Our Staff

In an industry, which is notorious for its “Fly by night” companies, we are proud to have developed over the past twenty four years into a reputable and successful company, employing nearly 300 employees, managed by an experienced and professional management team. We believe that our value lies in the fact that we remain a medium sized business and can truly be client intimate.
One point, which I would like to draw to your attention, is that we are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority, known as PSIRA. This is a statutory body, which controls employers in the security industry, by regulating the manner in which they run their businesses. PSIRA provides the only means by which a security officer’s previous criminal record can be checked. In addition, by regular inspection of the company’s payrolls, PSIRA determines that the correct statutory wage is being paid to their security officers.
It is an unfortunate state of affairs, that many other security companies in the industry, underpay their officers in order to cut costs. This obviously increases the chances of corruption, and reduces motivation levels of their staff. We are proud to have a faultless record with PSIRA. All assigned security officers will be in possession of a PSIRA authenticated certificate. PSIRA is a statutory body created for the purpose, inter alia, of regulating the manner in which Security companies operate. At regular intervals PSIRA inspectors call on security companies and inspect records ensuring, in particular, that security guards are not being underpaid or unfairly treated. Our inspection record in this regard is faultless.

In addition to the provision of security officers, CPA also provides a comprehensive range of supportive services to its clients.
Amongst these services are the following: –
1. Staff awareness programs
2. Undercover investigations
3. Security Surveys
5. CCTV systems and offsite monitoring
6. Car Guarding

Our company uniform comprises of grey slacks, blazer, tie, black formal shoes and a white corporate lounge shirt. Should we be awarded this contract we will gladly change our standard uniform to your specifications at our cost.
Our management team is experienced in dealing with tenants in both the retail and commercial sectors. One of our largest and most prestigious clients is Broll Property Management. We look after numerous up market sites for them including Ridge 1, 2 and 4 on Umhlanga Ridge and John Ross House in Durban Central.
We also manage a shopping centre for Redefine Properties in the Durban area.
We continue to foster good relations with SACSC and remain abreast of all the latest developments within the retail sector. We have a good relationship with the Kwazulu Natal Business against Crime (BAC).

All site seniors would be trained First Aiders and be trained in fire-fighting. At least three other CPA Security staff members on any shift will also be trained in First Aid and Fire-fighting.
We would also ensure that our staff have a basic knowledge of the functions performed by the other service providers on site, and will train them to be sufficiently competent to answer questions relating to other service functions. We believe that retail security involves a very large public relations component and the Security Officers need to be able to resolve minor issues immediately.
Periodic reinforcement training will also be conducted on an on-going basis by our training staff and management
Our company carries Public Liability insurance up to R 10 000 000.00 per claim. There is no limitation on the quantum of claims permitted for a specific time period. The liability amount may be increased per site as required by the client.
CPA is currently 51% black owned and enjoys a level 2 BBBEE status.
All the CPA management can be contacted by cell phone at all times. This ensures that they can respond to any call out and can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event of an incident. Our clients are thus able to contact the “decision maker” at any time, and are not forced to communicate with middle management, as so often happens in our industry.
Furthermore, all of our security officers are given the entire CPA management team’s cell numbers. This enables the lowest ranking new recruit, to be able to contact the CEO at any time, should he feel it necessary. This open channel of communication has served us well over the years to create a loyalty between our staff and our management, which few security companies ever achieve.

The members of our management team will visit the client’s premises on a frequent basis to check:
(a) The client’s property.
(b) Security officer’s welfare and overall performance.
(c) That the client is satisfied with the service as a whole.
(d) Health and safety audits performed by competent managers.
The CPA Operations Manager and General Manager are responsible for the discipline of the security officers assigned to a client’s premises. Conditions of service for CPA employees are set out before a contract is drawn up between the employer and employee. The conditions include full uniform, uniform cleaning expenses, incentive bonus, and salary paid in line with current statutory wage determinations.
We are proud to say that we have in the past financial year paid out in excess of R 25 000.00 in performance bonuses to our staff.
Security Officers will be utilised to meet requirements as to the client’s specifications. The company recognises the need for additional trained security officers to cover in cases of illness, court appearances, annual leave and extra cover requirements.
CPA Management in conjunction with client management will draw up a comprehensive standard operating procedure for each assigned security officer. This is then studied and signed by the security officer, confirming that he is aware of what is required of him.