Prior to any staff being sent to a site, they have to successfully complete a written competency, an oral interview and undergo training at our offices. All staff employed need a minimum of a C Grade Security Officer qualification.
Our Operations Director, Lucky Biyela, is personally present on all new sites for at least the first month to conduct in depth site surveys and hands on staff training. He, with the assistance of our training officer, Isaac, will ensure that all staff are competent and suited to working in any environment. He will then permanently work on site for the first four months of the opening of the Galleria Shopping Centre. He will train the site manager and ensure that from inception the client’s expectations are completely fulfilled.
We also retain the services of a qualified facilitator that has formulated a retail industry specific training program that predominantly consists of Retail Security and Customer Relations. SASETA accredited certificates where required, is issued to all our officers performing security functions on site, refresher courses are held on most sites periodically. All site seniors are trained First Aiders and are knowledgeable in basic fire fighting.

We also ensure that our staff have a basic knowledge of the functions performed by the other service providers on site, and are trained to be sufficiently competent to answer questions relating to other service functions within the industry they are based. We believe that security involves a large public relations component and the Security Officers need to be able to resolve minor issues immediately.
For an initial period our Training Officer will also be assigned to client’s premises in order to assist with the onsite training, and to ensure the staff is trained to the standard of efficiency required by the client. All our staff will have to obtain at least an 80% pass mark on a site specific written examination and be completely fluent in English.

Periodic reinforcement training is also be conducted on an on-going basis by our training staff and management.
The members of our management team will visit the client’s premises on a frequent basis to check:
* The client’s property.
* Security officer’s welfare and overall performance.
* That the occurrence book has been completed accurately since the last inspection.
* That the client is satisfied with the service as a whole.
Further to the above, the Manager will complete an Incident Report. This report will ensure that any incident or observation by the assigned security officer is recorded, and brought to the attention of client management for his/her information and reference.