Welcome to CPA Security

Our success over the last 23 years has been built on several fundamentals. Together with our client intimate and honest approach to business and our determination to understand our clients’ needs.

Our Crime Prevention Team is nothing less than Fantastic! Together they form an impressive team of enthusiastic and professional individuals, who are all specialists in their fields. They understand that looking after our clients and their property, is our primary goal! Their attention to detail, and their awareness that a happy client means a successful relationship for all parties, encourages them daily to offer nothing less than the best! We are a Level 2 BBBEE SUPPLIER.

Why Choose Us

Our focus is to provide ongoing exceptional client service. We take pride in approaching security from an intelligent point of view, by identifying probable limitations in the existing security structures, and proposing workable solutions. Our aim is for CPA clients to be secure in the knowledge that they are valued by CPA, and that our sole objective, as a team, is to oversee and protect their assets.


Unfortunately, in our industry there are many fly by night companies. Only a handful of companies have stood the test of time. We have been servicing our clients since 1993. That’s 23 years. Even better we still have our very first client Miladys, the clothing retailer and part of the Mr. Price Group.
Fortunately, we realized early on that, if you are in a service related industry, you had better be able to give your clients the best service that money can buy. Our focus has therefore been to go the extra mile with all of our clients, big and small. This has helped us acquire and maintain our prominent client list.
As we have expanded, in order to maintain high client service levels, it has been crucial to grow our management team proportionally.
Over the last few years, we have expanded the array of services, which we offer our clients, to include Health and Safety compliance, as well as Facilities Management. We are also proud to be a level 2 BBBEE supplier.
Aside from the Mr Price Group for 23 years, we are proud to have serviced Broll Property Group for 18 years, Eurosteel for 11 years, Evenett Mehr Property Management for 17 years. Our biggest industrial client is Behr Engine Cooling, by the way also for 18 years.
In short, we are not the biggest company on the playing field, we don’t own a helicopter or a bullet proof Hummer, but we are seasoned and established. We can stand our ground against the best in the country when it comes to client satisfaction, as the client references below testify.


In an industry where exploitation of guards by their employers is fairly wide spread, we have always understood that a happy guard is a productive guard, and an under paid and disgruntled guard, is a time bomb for both a security company and a client.
With this basic understanding of human behavior as our foundation, we have always valued the role that our guards play in our business. They are at the coal face. They are the engine room of our company, and we strive to maintain their enthusiasm and pride in the service that they deliver.
Our staff are incentivized and able to earn bonuses for outstanding performance. Over R20 000 was paid out last year for exceptional performance.
To this end, each of our employees have the personal cell number of our MD, should any work related issues need his personal attention.
We also understand that our success as a business depends entirely on the calibre of each and every one of our guards. Accordingly, each of our new employees undergoes a stringent recruitment process. After passing a verbal and a written exam, each new recruit is personally interviewed by our Managing Director. If successful, the recruit undergoes our in-house induction course, after which he is placed with one of our experienced security teams for on the job training and evaluation. Only after this process is complete, will the candidate be given a permanent position. In this way, we have managed to build a professional and dependable security team.


The significant advances made in digital security technology over the last decade, have been enormously beneficial to those companies who have elected to invest in these products. Our management decided long ago that digital security technology is the future of our industry, and we have tried to stay at the forefront of the digital revolution. We are able to remotely monitor the patrols that our guards have followed, by using patrol management technology. By using this technology, guard efficiency is improved considerably. Similarly, we have a remote viewing control room where, by using digital surveillance technology, we are able to view activities occurring on our clients’ sites in real time, and take the appropriate action.

Digital Surveillance Technology

In line with this vision, CPA has invested in Digital Surveillance Technology, whereby from our surveillance control room, we are able to view activities occurring on our client’s sites in real time, and take the
appropriate action.

We have a SASA Corporate member accredited control room, operational 24/7 and use the most modern technology that is currently available in the industry. We are happy to tailor make any arrangement based on the client’s requirements.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following staff that are employed by yourselves, for the outstanding way in which they not only conducted themselves, but showed honesty and integrity with regards to finding and ensuring by personnel documents were returned to me that I had lost in your centre.

These documents were very important and had all my documents relating to my upcoming trip to the UK, so you can imagine how grateful I was when I received a call from your staff, thank you for the professional way in which this situation was handled, I am truly grateful.

Please thank the following staff from me:
Sbusiso Mngodi | Cele Thembi | Mpanza Jeremy | Sphamandla Mhlongo.

Our Clients

On request, we will make available a list of reputable and well-known clients whom we service, as well as written references received over the years. As a measure of our commitment to service, we are proud to continue to render service to our very first client, Milady’s, a division of the MR. Price Group. For the past 24 years since 1993, we have been responsible for controlling shrinkage in their stores in the KZN area.